2 Way BTV

BTV: 2 Way Pinch Valve

The Two Way Pinch Valve valve provides a molded silicone tube with integral gasket ends and ferrule ends for use with standard fractional BPE tube fittings and clamps. Also available in a "pig-tail" configuration.

3 Way Pig-Tail

BTV: 3 Way Pinch Valve

The Three Way Pinch Valve has an integrally molded outlet tee leg and permits the user to clean and sterilize thru the valve while the third leg is closed. Available in normal or "pig-tail" configuration as pictured.
BTV Diverter

BTV: 3 Way Diverter Pinch Valve

The Three Way Pinch Diverter Valve incorporates a second pinch valve into the lower outlet. Uses the same molded outlet tee as the Three Way Pinch Valve. Also available in a "pig-tail" configuration.
Disposable BTV

BTV: Disposable Valves

Single use disposable valves. Utilizes the same platinum cured silicone seal as the BTV line of valves. Standard and "pig-tail" configurations.
>>> Currently in development, please inquire. 
Side Port Sampling Valve

BSV: Side Port Sampling Valve

With a small footprint and a simple, clean design, the BSV is ideally suited for bioprocess sampling, SIP and additions. The Side Port configuration fits into available 25 mm or 19 mm straight and angled side ports. TFM or Silicone seal options. 1 to 4 outlets.
Bio Sample Valve

BSV: Bio Sample Valve

Small, simple, clean valves ideally suited for bioprocess sampling and low flow control. Small internal volume, self draining. Autoclavable and CIP/SIP safe. TFM or Silicone seal options. Custom configurations available.

BSV: Sampling Complex

Sampling valve complex with built in SIP functionality. Minimal dead leg on all valves. Fully draining and easily cleanable. 19mm or 25mm ingold applications as well as a 1.5" TC variation suitable for use in NA connect flanges.

BDV: Bio Drain Valve

The Bio Drain Valve is available in either weld-in or sanitary flange configurations. The weld-in valve pictured here has an integrated SIP valve. The BDV series has a minimal dead-leg and simple, service friendly design. TFM seal. Custom configurations available.

BSC: Sanitary Flange Caps

The BSC Sanitary Flange Caps integrate a handle to allow the removal from containers under vacuum without damaging gaskets or flange surfaces. 316L stainless steel. 20 µ-Inch RA electropolish.

TCC: TC Clamp Nut

Our TC clamp nut allows for proper torquing of sanitary flange connections. 3/4" hex. Standard 5/16-18 UNC threads. Hole in hex end for tagging/locking purposes. Available in 304 SS, 316L SS, 464 or Nitronic 60.